Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakane Titising Hening

     Merpati Putih Japan  



Merpati putih Uniform


The Merpati Putih members always wears white shirt and black pants. The white shirt is a place-in shirt which means that the person who wears it are to be worn by a pure and clean spirit when practicing. The black pants symbolizes the firmness of will and heart when carrying out the final purpose which is friendships and peace. The red pentagon over the neck reminds Merpati Putih members to be always brave and loyal in their steps and forwards.

All Merpati Putih members always known to wear red belt except in beginners level. This is to show that all members are one family. The seniority rank, therefore, represented by the strip at the corner of the belt, which ends at white stripe. This is to show that it starts with white to begin and ends with white stripe as well, in which the white means the cleanness and purity of heart and will.

Price: 5,000 yen