Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakane Titising Hening

     Merpati Putih Japan  




Merpati Putih, or MP for short, is the Indonesian Royal system of Pencak Silat. Pencak Silat is a general term for the Indonesian Martial Arts (like Kung Fu-for Chinese Arts or Karate for Japanese arts). There are over 700 unique styles of Pencak Silat native to Indonesia & Malaysia. Merpati Putih is different than any Martial Art ever seen ANYWHERE before it’s public release. What makes MP special is the unique ability to Develop, Harness, and Control Massive Amounts of Tenaga Dalam or Inner Power -(also called Chi, Ki, Prana, Subtle Energy, or Bio Energy). Using a very specific and patented series of body postures & breathing techniques, Merpati Putih is truly one of the world’s rarities. Five concrete bricks 12 inch steel file Merpati Putih techniques build Power faster and in greater amounts than any other method known publicly at this time and teaches people how to use their power for many different benefits including :

(1)-Rebalancing Chronic Aches, Pains, & Illnesses like Asthma,

(2)-Massively Increasing Overall Health, Aerobic & Anaerobic Stamina & has been shown to lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol,

(3)-Developing Razor Sharp Mental Focus & Concentration,

(4)-Protecting ones own body from injury,

(5)-Increasing Healing Ability to shorten Recuperation/Regeneration time.

Merpati Putih is not an exclusively Internal Martial Art such as Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chuan, or Hsing-I Chuan, nor is it an exclusively External Martial Art like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Kenpo, or most styles of Kung Fu. By combining our Breathing techniques and Movements we are able to produce Amazing results that NO other system can offer. The Easiest to see is projecting our Power to protect us. In MP, breaking Poured Concrete (instead of Cinder Bricks), and stacks of Solid Steel Plates, Well Pump Handles, and Carbon Steel Mill Files are Common with as little as 18 months of training. At advanced levels, MP students commonly break Granite slabs, Car Suspensions, & even sections of Light Rail Train Tracks! Some even with their Heads


The basic form of  Merpati Putih logo is a pentagon shield.

  • The red writing  "Betako" is abbreviation of  "Beladiri Tangan Kosong" (empty handed self-defense)
  • The picture of hand facing and white dove flying
  • The red ribbon with white words "Merpati Putih"  which comes from  "Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakaning Titising Hening" .

  •    Mer-sudi : means to find until you get it .
       Pa-titising : means peace insight and outside .
       Ti-ndak : means action .
       Pu-sakane : means heirloom .
       Ti-tising : means the beloved one
       Hening : means silence, clear of thought.

       In general it means 'to find and to seek the right doing in silence"


    From its logo, the dove represents the philosophy that Merpati Putih members must make friends and
    keep peace where ever they are. The hand facing-in symbolizes the greetings from Merpati Putih
    members to welcome all kinds of people. The hand also means that Merpati Putih must be able to reject
    the bad things.

    The pentagon shield represent the basic principles of Indonesia, Panca Sila.

    The red writing of Merpati Putih with background white represents bravery that based on the purity of the soul.